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What Age Should my Child Start Dance Classes?

One of the most common questions we get is -"what age is right for my child to start dancing?" The truth is, as long as you find age appropriate dance lessons, then the right time is now.

Kids will start dancing naturally from as soon as they can stand up, possibly even sooner if they're particularly into it while sitting on their bottom!

But we know dancing develops in children before they can even form words! It's a natural reaction for many kids when they hear music and they want to express their feelings through movement.

At RGD we run popular mini Hip Hop and mini Jazz dance classes from age 3 and up.

Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of any growing child, including Physical, Emotional and Social development.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Physical development is one of the best benefits that dance lessons have for young children. They learn a wide range of motion and develop coordination through exploring how their body can move. Students learn how to take instruction through dance steps and move their body to complete the dance routine. This builds the connectivity between brain and body which is great for a child's development

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Dance is a creative art form that allows your child to freely express the thoughts and emotions that they may not be able to communicate verbally.

Your child may not be able to tell you why they feel certain emotions but through dance it can enable them to express themselves and deal with feelings in a positive way.

Building confidence through dance is a key thing we work towards at RGD and our tutors work with each child to build their love for dance.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Another benefit of dance is social development. At RGD we strive to offer a comfortable, fun and uplifting environment where all dancers can be themselves and reach their goals.

Even at a young age students are able to interact with their class mates, participate in games and work on group dances together.

As students grow up through dance they form long-lasting bonds with their class mates. And the younger a student starts the easier they will usually find to pick up dance as they move through the grades.

At RGD we run mini Hip Hop classes that are a perfect introduction to new dancers at a young age. These classes focus on developing students love for dance through simple dance moves to age appropriate music, we also incorporate games through each lesson.

Classes start from Age 3 up!

To find out more contact us today

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